The latest Hollywood celebrity gossip has it that LINDSAY LOHAN has been “hitting up friends” for rent money.

Whoa. She’s that broke?

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Lindsay Lohan may have raked in a whole lot of cash again by starring in “The Canyons” and the negatively reviewedLiz & Dick,” but sources reveal that she has been “struggling” to pay her $8,000 rent on her massive mansion in Beverly Hills.

And that was before the IRS even seized her bank accounts, leaving her in grave danger of being unable to cover rent until February, which is when the lease is over.

According to TMZ, the helpless actress tried to save herself by trying to move out early but “the penalty for breaking the lease is MASSIVE.”

So how does she get by?

Sources suggest to the site that she has been “doing whatever she could to make rent each month, often hitting up friends for money. “¬†At least, until she can finally look for a place in New York.

Just when you thought she couldn’t possibly get herself into any more trouble, huh?

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