According to the latest Hollywood celebrity gossip, LINDSAY LOHAN could be locked up… in the upcoming season of “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Like she needed any more exposure!

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Rumor has it that the Lindsay Lohan will be staying at home this New Year’s… at the “Celebrity Big Brother” house, that is!

The already-closely watched actress, thanks to her revoked probation and new criminal charges for 2012, is now under speculation that she will be joining the famed British show where, ironically, cameras are required to watch her 24/7.

Now wouldn’t that be an opportunity that the fame-hungry actress would instantly jump at?

Actually, no.Lin

According to TMZ‘s sources, the speculations—as well as the rumor that she was in London yesterday to tape the show—are “completely untrue” and total “nonsense.”

Come to think of it, she can’t sign any long-term contracts (much less get locked up anywhere) with her court date coming up in less than a month.

So much for feeding your LiLo obsession.

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