The latest Hollywood news has it that LINDSAY LOHAN refused to kiss her co-star CHARLIE SHEEN for their scenes in “Scary Movie 5,” allegedly because she worried about where it’s been considering his past with random women.

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Lindsay Lohan had no problem filming sex scenes with a porn star in “The Canyons” (though she was a bit uncomfortable at first) but she drew the line when it came to just kissing Charlie Sheen during their bed scene together for their official return to the upcoming 5th installment of the “Scary Movie” saga.

The problem?

According to TMZ, the actress had “issues” about locking lips with Sheen especially after hiss widely-reported partying past with hookers. It didn’t matter that they both signed releases that they didn’t have cold sores.

The site reported that a body double was used in order to keep up with the script, but the kissing was ultimately omitted from the script later on.

Charlie was reportedly aware about the change and Lindsay‘s objections, but as you may remember, he later wrote her a $100,000 check to help pay off her tax debts.

Photo Via The Weinstein Company

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