The latest Hollywood celebrity gossip has it that LINDSAY LOHAN is upset over the probation joke in the new “Scary Movie 5″ trailer, which obviously poked fun at her current legal trouble.

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Lindsay Lohan is reportedly fuming over the fact that her producers at Dimension Films, with whom she worked for her return in “Scary Movie 5″ with her co-star Charlie Sheen, added a scene for the film’s trailer that she did NOT know about.

To make it worse, it made fun of her recent probation revocation.

But, as previously reported, she’s okay with the “working script” that includes a whole lot of jokes that referred to the troubled actress’ current and past legal troubles (nothing that we haven’t seen in tabloids, of course).

Still, according to TMZ‘s sources, she is “pissed” that the producers “secretly inserted an extra dig at her expense”—a scene where she screamed supposedly because she was watching her movie “Herbie: Fully Loaded”… but was later changed to a news clip about her.

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The site adds that she is supposed to have a final say about the jokes inserted into the movie, so LiLo will reportedly meet her team this week to look into a possible breach of contract that could make her consider taking legal action against the film honchos.


Watch the trailer again below:

What do you think of the trailer making fun of Lindsay?

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