The latest entertainment news reports MADONNA‘s fans (more than 650 of them) are angry over her surprisingly short concert in Chile last Wednesday.


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Madonna continued her streak of controversial “MDNA” tour shows  by disappointing her fans—who all braved the traffic and horrible weather just to see her—with a 40-minute early closing in Santiago, Chile on Wednesday night.

The news of the early finish comes hours after the veteran pop star threatened to cancel her show after lashing out at her smoking fans during her sound check,. Not only that—Madge also started her show 2 hours late!

APF News (via Yahoo News AU) reported:

“At least 650 Madonna fans in Chile have filed complaints with the national consumer board after a concert this week started late and ended early.”

According to the report, a possible breach of terms of the tickets—that is, if they didn’t follow the concert times and for invalid reasons—could organize a lawsuit or at least a “broker deal” to make it up to the fans.

Producers then revealed that they purposely skipped the first 8 songs to wait for the weather to improve and to ensure Madonna‘s safety.

No word on why they decided to end the concert early.

Do you think this had anything to do with the earlier incident?

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