MARISA MILLER posed nude and flaunted her huge baby bump in a recent maternity photo shoot for Allure, according to the latest star news.

Check it out:

marisa miller pregnant allure

Marisa Miller proves that being pregnant does not necessarily keep her from being one of the sexiest women on the planet.

In a new photo shoot by celebrity photographer Brian Bowen Smith for Allure, the Victoria’s Secret model—who is due to give birth “basically any minute” now—shows off her new figure and wears nothing but tiny black panties and a flowy floor-length skirt with only her wavy blonde hair and her arm covering her fuller breasts.

marisa miller pregnant allure3

In one, she wears nothing at all.

marisa miller pregnant allure2

She told the magazine in an interview about her photo shoot and her changing body:

“I always felt, even before I got pregnant, that it’s better to accentuate your curves. “It’s important to really show off the belly. For some reason, for me, from the side, it looks the biggest, so that’s what I tried to do.”

So how did Marisa achieve her sexy pregnant bod? She revealed:

“I did Pilates five times a week during my second trimester, but it’s so modified now, mostly stretching and breathing. It’s easy to feel swollen and puffy, and moving really helps with the circulation.”

As for her message to other moms-to-be, she said:

“Embrace everything and all the changes. I had never even owned a scale before, but gaining weight is part of charting your progress. Yes, I was seeing numbers I’d never seen before, but I let go of that because I had a new goal and focus.”

Photos Via Allure

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