In recent celebrity news, MATT DAMON has admitted that he “was offended” about the gay rumors that constantly surround him and his best friend, BEN AFFLECK, who has long been rumored to be his secret gay lover.

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Ever since they both starred in the 1997 movie “Good Will Hunting,” Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have never missed the chance to show up and support each other in all the movies they’ve done since—because they’re best friends.

But according to some people, they’re something more.

In his recent interview with Playboy, in which he also talks about all the nudity he does in his upcoming movie “Candelabra” with Michael Douglasthe Oscar nominee addresses the rumors that he and Ben have long been secret lovers, and why he never bothered to deny them.

The actor says:

“I never denied those rumors because I was offended and didn’t want to offend my friends who were gay – as if being gay were some kind of f**king disease.”

He adds:

“It put me in a weird position in that sense. The whole thing was just gross. But look, there have been great signs of progress—the fact that Anderson Cooper and Ellen DeGeneres can come out so beautifully and powerfully, and it’s a big f**king deal that it turns out nobody gives a sh*t.”

What can you say about Matt’s comments?

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