Celebrity news is thrilled to report that MILA KUNIS “got along well with” ASHTON KUTCHER‘s family over the holidays in Ashton‘s hometown in Iowa.

Well, who wouldn’t love her?

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It didn’t take long before the world found out that the yet-to-be-divorced Ashton Kutcher had a “thing” for his “That ’70s Show” co-star and current girlfriend, Mila Kunis, and his family in Iowa soon realized for themselves exactly why when he took her home for the holidays.

According to Us Weekly, the couple stayed in the “American Heartland” for over a week and had a huge post-Christmas family dinner at the Red Lobster in Cedar Rapids, where Ashton “had his arm around [Mila's] waist at the table.”

It didn’t matter that they were surrounded by “nearly two dozen” people because they all had a “fun time” throughout the meal. Mila even took the floor and talked about “her family and Africa.”

Another witness added:

“[Ashton and Mila] were both laughing . . . [Mila] looked like she was almost part of the family — she got along well with them.”

Looks like we’ve got the thumbs up from both sides. Things are definitely getting serious, guys!

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