In recent entertainment news, MILEY CYRUS has dedicated her crotch-grabbing performance at the VH1 Divas concert to her dead dog, LILA.

How… sweet of her.

miley cyrus rebel yell vh1 divas

Miley Cyrus snapped out of her depression stage brought on by the death of her adorable 2-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Lila, when she performed for the annual VH1 Divas live concert on Sunday night.

And she had to, because for one, she was performing Billy Idol‘s intense “Rebel Yell” and two, it was in honor of Lila‘s passing.

But a regular tribute it definitely wasn’t, because the engaged singer-actress performed a full-on rock show—with her spiked leather top and pants (with her abs exposed, of course) to match her already rebellious platinum pixie cut and some pyrotechnics!

Oh, and she grabbed her boob and her crotch.

miley cyrus boob grab

Now we’re not sure if Lila would appreciate her racy performance as much as young viewers from all over the world did, but we guess it was pretty good considering her amazing vocals for this particular concert.


What can you say about Miley‘s shocking performance?

Photos Via Miley Cyrus’ Twitter / Video Screen Grab

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