MILEY CYRUS sported a pretty cool leopard print onesie and a Santa beard for her Christmas with her siblings and pets.

Check her out:

miley cyrus christmas onesie

While other former Disney stars went the sexy route in terms of holiday ensembles, the normally half-naked and wildly suggestive Miley Cyrus looked a lot more like her younger self by covering up in an animal print onesie, plus a goofy Santa beard and hat this Christmas.

Perhaps it was because of the presence of her siblings, Trace and Noah, and her mother that she felt like acting her age.

She shared the photo of her and her sister in front of the Christmas tree, with the caption:

“Ho Ho Ho!”

Her Metro Station rocker brother also shared a picture of them three, captioned:

“Christmas time with these 2 freaks!”

miley cyrus christmas onesie3

A photo of them with their mother and Miley‘s fiance, Liam Hemsworth, was also shared in Trace‘s Instagram. He wrote along with it:

“So Miley got me the bright orange hat for Christmas. Then my mom took one of my hats lol. #Gangster

miley cyrus christmas onesie4

Of course, the engaged singer-actress wasn’t going to leave out her babies. In another cute photo that she used as her wallpaper, she hugged her big dog, Mary Jane—who was dressed as an elf—and Miley noticeably seemed a lot happier since the death of one of her puppies, Lila.

miley cyrus christmas onesie2

Isn’t it nice to see Miley dressed so conservatively for a change?

It kind of makes us think that a racy Santa suit photo just got lost somewhere in Twitterverse…

Photos Via Miley CyrusTwitter / Trace CyrusInstagram

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