NAOMI WATTS looks elegant and stunning on the cover of Manhattan magazine’s December 2012 issue.

Check her out:

Naomi Watts Manhattan 1

There’s no doubt that Naomi has a sultry, sexy side, but her inherent elegance and sophistication often wins out—which is probably why she was chosen to play Princess Diana in “Caught in Flight”—an upcoming biopic about the late Princess of Wales.

And although she seems perfect for the part, the blonde beauty has revealed that the role is one of the “hardest things” she’s ever done.

Watts tells Manhattan:

“[Playing Princess Diana] was the hardest thing I’ve done… because of the pressure of everyone’s beliefs about who she was, and the fact that it was just really hard to claim her as my own, since everybody else feels they know her.”

Naomi Watts Manhattan 3

She continues:

“I don’t want to get caught up in mimicry and have a mannered performance—that’s the worst thing. I want to try to embody her and get the essence of her. Those things are really important to me. The film concentrates on a story that people don’t know much about—her love affair with a Pakistani heart surgeon, which I didn’t even know about. That love story ended sadly.”

For more on Naomi, check out the upcoming December issue of Manhattan!

Photos Via Manhattan

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