The latest Hollywood news reports that RIHANNA‘s trespasser in her Barbados home simply “didn’t realize” that he was entering a private property before someone called the cops on him for intrusion.


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A topless German guy caused a little panic in Rihanna‘s camp yesterday when he suddenly “swam up to” the singer’s private beachfront home in Barbados and trespassed for an undisclosed amount of time.

But the site confirmed exactly what the dude was doing there… and it’s not stalking.

A new report by TMZ clarified:

“Cops tell us … officers spoke with the man and determined it was all just a giant misunderstanding. We’re told the guy simply didn’t realize he was entering private property, despite the fact there was a large security team standing guard. “

Lucky for him, he wasn’t arrested.

No word on whether or not RiRi even had any idea about what had happened. After all, as she was probably too busy tweeting photos of her in her bikini.

Photos By PR Photos / TMZ

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