According to the latest Hollywood gossip, RIHANNA is reportedly very pissed over CHRIS BROWN’s rumored reunion with ex-girlfriend KARRUECHE TRAN in Paris over the weekend.

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The Barbadian singer must have assumed that just because she and Chris Brown bought matching Rolex watches and spent Thanksgiving Day together—not to mention the constant flaunting of their relationship (or whatever it is they have with each other) on their respective Twitter accounts—ever since he broke up with his other ex, Karrueche Tran, she and the “Turn Up The Music” singer were now officially exclusive.

Unfortunately, it seems Rihanna and Chris were not on the same wavelength about the status of their exclusivity, as he reportedly reunited with Karrueche in Paris on Saturday.

A source tells The Sun:

“She can’t get it into her head that Chris will never change… She’s given him so many chances since he beat her up in 2009 and he still keeps hurting her.”

The source adds:

“Letting Karrueche meet him is yet another blow for Rihanna.“

And indeed, a seemingly livid Rihanna wrote a series of angry tweets that seemed to be aimed at Chris.

First, she tweeted a self-taken photo of herself, which she captioned:

“Goodbye muthaf*cker”

After that, Rihanna tweeted another photo of herself—and this time, it was an image of her clapping at the recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which had the words “CLAPS FOR THE BASIC B*TCHES” written across the top.

Finally, the singer tweeted a photo that said, “ Examine What You Tolerate,” which she captioned:

“U give, then u get, then u give it the f*ck back”

Do you think she’ll forgive Chris for this?

Photo By PR Photos

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