Entertainment news tells us that SAMUEL L. JACKSON dropped the f-bomb and said “bullsh*t” during his cameo on “Saturday Night Live.”


samuel l jackson saturday night live

When Samuel L. Jackson guest starred on “Saturday Night Live,” the live show probably didn’t expect to shell out a lot of money. And yet they might have because he just couldn’t control his potty mouth!

Trouble started when the actor was acting as part of the skit called “What Up With That?” and he ended up saying “f*ck” and “bullsh*t” in front of the live audience and the on air cameras.

Kenan Thomson exclaimed:

“That costs money!”

In his defense, Jackson argued on Twitter afterwards;

“I only said FUH not F**K!”

But there really wasn’t any excuse for the 2nd word. He continued, admitting:

“K was sposed to cut off da BULLS**T, blew it!!”

They might want to stick with lighter skits with Jackson next time…

Watch the uncensored version of the skit below:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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