SIMON COWELL lost a $20,000 bet to his former co-judge L.A. REID over their show’s new Season 2 winner, TATE STEVENS.


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L.A. Reid may not be returning for the 3rd season of “The X Factor” but he still made a few thousands from the show on the side… courtesy of his fellow judge, Simon Cowell.

With him and Simon each having one contestant competing during the finals, they decided to bet on who would win this year.

This year, Simon, whose Season 1 act Melanie Amaro won last year, forked his money over for Reid‘s contestant Tate Steven‘s Thursday win—a whole $20,000, which shouldn’t count as much for the wealthy singing competition honcho.

The British judge’s rep shared to Gossip Cop:

“It was a double or quits bet from last year.”

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