Celebrity news reports that TAYLOR SWIFT beatboxed for LL COOL J on Wednesday night’s star-studded Grammy Nominations Concert.


taylor swift beatboxing

Obviously, Taylor Swift can sing, play the guitar and make chart-topping albums about her whirlwind relationships and her cheating boyfriends, but did you know that this country singer is also somewhat skilled when it comes  can also beatboxing?

Well she is now and she has definitely improved since her pre-Grammy promo video with LL Cool J from last February.

Swift showed it off—which not surprisingly still caused a mix of laughter and embarrassment for both her and her crowd—on stage (again) with her co-host LL Cool J, during the Grammy Nomination Concert last Wednesday.

taylor swift beatboxing with ll cool j

She told the rapper beforehand:

“This is gonna be terrible. I’m only doing this for you.”

After the hilarious performance, Swift joked:

“I’m like 100 percent sure that we’re not gonna be nominated for that collaboration.”

Compare Taylor‘s beatbox performances below:

Photos Via Video Screen Grab

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