The latest Hollywood celebrity gossip has it that TAYLOR SWIFT was spotted making out with HARRY STYLES and that she has introduced him to her BFF, EMMA STONE.

Meet the friends, huh?

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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are definitely moving forward.

Just weeks after they were caught holding hands backstage of the “X Factor” set, the pair have wasted no time spending time together in public, checking into hotels and displaying affection for one another amid death threats and the dangerously curious media.

And now, Taylor has introduced her new boy to one of her closest celebrity best friends, Emma Stone.

Sources reveal the introduction took place while the country songstress was with Stone at a birthday celebration in New York’s Crosby Street Hotel, where the One Direction cougar-magnet soon followed.

Also according to an Us Weekly source, Swift was “all over” her new boy toy and was even making out with him in front of many other guests.

Ah, young love. But we already know that it’s not going to last, don’t we?

It’s Taylor, after all.

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