AKON tells Hollywood news that he’s gotta talk to his little man JUSTIN BIEBER about his pot smoking.


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When Akon first heard about Justin Bieber‘s alleged marijuana smoking, he didn’t resort to cutting himself. Instead, like the mature and caring person that he is, he has decided that he will talk to the 18-year-old pop star about staying away from bad influences.

A reporter broke the news to the rapper as he was leaving The Ivy yesterday and his initial reaction was:

“I gotta talk to Justin. I didn’t know he was smoking.”

To explain his utmost concern, Akon said:

“That’s my little man. Hopefully, I’ll make an impact.”

He’s almost sure that Justin will listen to him, too. Akon later insisted:

“He’s a responsible kid.”

Not the fail-proof way that we were hoping but it’s better than nothing!

Photos By PR Photos / Video Screen Grab

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