In recent star news, JAMES FRANCO wants people to know what he “wasn’t trying to diss” JUSTIN BIEBER with his hilarious “Boyfriend” spoof video.

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Earlier this month, the “127 Hours” star posted a video of himself on YouTube, where he is seen wearing a baseball cap and sporting Bieber-esque bangs while lip-syncing the teen singer’s hit song, “Boyfriend.”

James, who was joined by a wig-wearing Ashley Benson (whom he is rumored to be dating) in the video, has since taken it down and has offered an explanation to the video’s disappearing act. The actor tells E! Online:

“I was asked to take it down by some people… Bieber didn’t contact me [to remove it], but I don’t think he was too happy.”

But offending the Biebs—and his legion of fans—was not Franco’s goal.

He says:

“I wasn’t trying to diss him.”

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