The latest Hollywood celebrity gossip has it that JUSTIN BIEBER could be under some bad influence of his stoner friend, LIL TWIST.


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Justin Bieber was recently reported to have been smoking weed last week and it may be because of one of his (and the weed-loving rapperLil Wayne‘s) closest friends, Lil Twist.

As you may remember, photos surfaced showing the Biebs partying and smoking at a Newport Beach hotel room on January 2—a day after a photographer died while taking photos of his Ferrari, which was being driven by Twist—where people were getting high on blunts rolled by Twist and his brother.

And it was reportedly not the first time that the pop star had sparked a joint with him.

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TMZ stated:

“Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … JB and Twist have become tight … and have been smoking together on a number of other occasions.”

The site added that people close to Justin are “deeply concerned” about Twist becoming a “powerful negative influence” in the teen superstar’s life and that they need to part ways or else “bad things are going to happen.”

Do you agree?

Photos By PR Photos / TMZ / Lil Twist‘s Twitter

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