Celebrity news has learned that JUSTIN BIEBER‘s dead paparazzo, who was struck by a car last Tuesday, has “stalked and harassed” the singer countless of times.

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Justin Bieber may feel as strongly as Miley Cyrus about his photographer who died while taking photos of his Ferrari on Tuesday (when he wasn’t even driving it) even after sending “thoughts and prayers” to his devastated family.

According to TMZ‘s sources, the paparazzo—named Chris Guerra—allegedly “made Justin‘s life hell” and “stalked and harassed” him even before the incident this week. Not only that, but he also reportedly made up a lie and told a friend of his (right before was struck by a car) that he saw Justin smoking a pot-filled pipe while he was driving the Ferrari that day (which were obviously false given the fact that the pop star, again, wasn’t in his car).

Multiply witnesses slammed the drug claim, saying that the only time the Biebs left the Four Season’s hotel on January 1 was to have lunch in Hollywood and needless to say, he wasn’t spotted with any drug pipe.

Guerra also made up a lie that he saw Justin’s on-and-off-again singer girlfriend Selena Gomez‘s car outside Four Seasons, suggesting that she was there to see Justin, but more sources slammed that too and said that the musical couple had another argument and broke up again in Mexico on December 30 and have not seen each other since then.

It is unclear what Justin truly feels now for the deceased photographer but sources say that he had “very little respect” for him and refused to say anything even though the pap made it “very difficult” by making up the lies about him.

Do you think Guerra deserved his fate at all after what he’s been allegedly doing to Justin?

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