According to Hollywood celebrity gossip, KIM KARDASHIAN has been shunned by weight loss companies who don’t want to sign her for a post-pregnancy diet contract because she’s not “real” enough.


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When celebrities like Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson got pregnant, weight loss companies quickly made them spokespersons and helped them shed baby weight to promote post-pregnancy diet programs. And when a super famous (albeit talentless) celebrity like Kim Kardashian was reported pregnant with Kanye West‘s baby, well… it was a different story.

Jenny Craig (Mariah‘s partner) and Medifast recently answered to TMZ, saying that they are not interested in helping the curvaceous reality star and her “big fat ass”—don’t worry, we’re sure Kim wouldn’t get hurt by that—lose weight after her pregnancy later this year.

As Jenny Craig put it, they’re focusing on “real results for real women” this year.

Makes sense considering what went down with her QuickTrim endorsement last year.

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