LADY GAGA has responded to SHARON OSBOURNE‘s scathing letter, writing:

“As a youth activist, I’m compelled to be involved.”

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Late this week, Sharon Osbourne went to her daughter Kelly‘s defense against Lady Gaga and her vicious Little Monsters (that’s what the pop star calls her fans), who have been attacking Kelly on Twitter time and again.

You may remember that Gaga slammed Kelly for her alleged “bullying” as a celebrity fashion critic on “Fashion Police”—something the singer is obviously against—with her open letter, to which Sharon responded by calling Gaga a “publicity seeking hypocrite.”

Sharon also said regarding the show’s pitting of celebrities against each other:

“Welcome to the real world.”

In order to defend her statements against Sharon–never mind Kelly‘s “Fashion Police” colleague Joan River’s recent response that it was a “comedy show”Mother Monster wrote on her Facebook on Saturday:

“The ‘real world’ can be cruel, why not try to change it into a better place?”

Gaga also addressed Sharon‘s question of why she chose to publicize her letter to Kelly. She explained:

“I am an activist. Nobody takes adolescents seriously, I do. My letter to Kelly Osbourne was open, because her statements on cyber-bulling were public & as a youth activist I’m compelled to be involved.”

Who are you siding with… Gaga or the Osbournes?

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