According to Hollywood celebrity gossip, LADY GAGA recently split her pants on stage and showed off her butt to the audience during her concert in Vancouver over the weekend.


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The singer, who is no stranger to showing off her ass (not to mention her boobs, and various other body parts) in public, kicked off the North American leg of her tour in Vancouver on Friday with a cheeky wardrobe malfunction on stage while dressed in a skintight, black latex bodysuit.

Gaga accidentally gave her Little Monsters a peek at her butt crack when her pants split down the middle and revealed a large, gaping hole in her backside.

Fortunately, the “Born This Way” singer has had a lot of experience in dealing with embarrassing mishaps (who could forget the time she vomited three times while dancing to “Edge of Glory” during one of her concerts last year?) on stage. So, being the professional that she is, Gaga simply plowed on with her set and gave a spectacular performance.

See the photo HERE.

Photo By PR Photos

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