LEANN RIMES had something to say to BRANDI GLANVILLE while on television on Tuesday:

“Screw you!”

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LeAnn Rimes is fed up with all the “lies” that Brandi Glanville is making up. (Not that LeAnn had an affair with her now-husband, Eddie Cibrian, while he was still married to Brandi… we already know that’s true!)

Just a few days after the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star had her own interview on “Watch What Happens Live”—where she called the country singer “insane”LeAnn went on another interview, where she talked about her rival.

When asked if she’s aware of Brandi talking about her on her reality show, Rimes responded to Jimmy Kimmel on his live talk show on Tuesday.

“I do know what’s going on because I have to deal with my publicist every Monday [after 'RHOBH' airs].”

Her reaction towards the rants against her? She says:

“It’s kind of interesting how it seems very one-sided most of the time… with people lying about you and you’re like… [curse] words here!”

Words like “kiss my ass,” we’re sure!

Kimmel then chimes in by saying that he thinks LeAnn has “talent,” unlike the show’s reality stars. But contrary to what many may think, LeAnn doesn’t actually enjoy the backstabbing. She admitted:

“I usually don’t engage [in the feud], but there comes a time when you’re just like, ‘Screw you!’”

She continued:

“That’s it, and that’s all you wanna say and you’re like, ‘I’m done with this now for another three months.’”

Or, you know, until Brandi‘s next scathing comment the following day or week.

Watch LeAnn rant about Brandi below:

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