According to the latest Hollywood news, LINDSAY LOHAN went on a day-long shopping spree after calling in sick to go to court on Wednesday as scheduled.

Lying again?!

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With the help of Lindsay Lohan’s new pseudo-lawyer, Mark Hellershe stupidly fired her longtime attorney, Shawn Holley—the actress has notified her judge in a California court that she is too sick to make it to her Wednesday court appointment for her latest criminal charges from lying to cops.

TMZ reported:

Heller submitted a note from a Park Avenue doctor who says Lindsay has an upper respiratory infection and can’t fly for her own safety as well as the safety of the public.”

The report added:

Heller also submitted an article from the New York Post from January 11, reporting that a flu epidemic has hit the Big Apple.”

But there’s one problem… Lindsay was photographed shopping all day (and smoking) at SoHo on Saturday—the very same day that she was allegedly examined by the doc!


Pictures say a thousand words, and those of her could very well say “warrant of arrest.”

Do you think Lindsay will end up getting arrested for giving a fake excuse?

Photo By PR Photos

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