LINDSAY LOHAN decided to jet to Los Angeles at the last minute for her court appointment after being caught shopping when she was supposed to be home sick.

Good choice, Lindsay.

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As previously reported, Lindsay Lohan was caught smoking and enjoying a day-long shopping spree last Saturday at SoHo in New York just after her new replacement lawyer, Mark Heller, filed documents on her behalf explaining that she’s too sick to fly to Los Angeles for her Wednesday court appointment.

And because she could seriously get arrested for a fake excuse, she decided she’ll make it anyway. According to TMZ, she took the last flight out of JFK with her mom, Dina, last night and arrived in Los Angeles at half past midnight.

The site also notes that Lindsay started asking for her former lawyer Shawn Holley back because she “didn’t like” Heller, who clearly started on the wrong foot by including a doctor’s note (stating the actress had an upper respiratory problem) and a New York Post article that said the Big Apple had been hit with the flu.

Adding to that is the fact that Heller is not even approved by the judge yet to represent Lindsay in California, since he doesn’t have a license to practice there.

In short, after all this initial trouble, Lindsay could be lawyerless when she half-heartedly attends her hearing this morning.

Stay tuned…

Photo Via TMZ

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