According to recent Hollywood celebrity gossip, LINDSAY LOHAN reportedly rejected a stint on “DWTS” because she can’t handle live TV.

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Makes sense, as her much-awaited comeback on “Saturday Night Live” last year didn’t exactly go well. Though she was heartily praised by some of the show’s mainstay cast members, most critics panned Lindsay for giving a spectacularly lackluster performance.

Of course she didn’t exactly do much better with “Liz & Dick” (which was obviously not live), as evidenced by the numerous bad reviews

Lohan reportedly passed up on the $550,000 deal to become one of the contestants on the reality competition show because she was advised by her team to turn it down, as they were afraid she couldn’t handle the pressure and responsibility.

A source tells

Lindsay has been a mess on movie sets lately. She doesn’t show up on time, she keeps everyone waiting and so her team decided that there was no way that she could handle the pressure of a live show like Dancing with the Stars… A live show and Lindsay? That would not be smart!”

The insider adds:

Lindsay operates on her own schedule, and there would be no way that anyone could guarantee that she would be on time for rehearsals or the shows, and they’re live so it would be horrible if she didn’t show up!”

Horrible indeed.

Do you think Lindsay was right to pass up on “Dancing With The Stars”?

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