Hollywood news has learned that LINDSAY LOHAN rejected a quite lucrative “Dancing with the Stars” deal, even though she is in dire need of money.

Look who’s being picky!

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We know Lindsay Lohan is probably desperate for new projects after her badly-reviewed “comeback” flicks in order to pay the rest of her six-digit tax debts, but apparently not desperate enough to star in a well-paying reality show like “Dancing with the Stars.”

According to TMZ‘s sources, Lohan—who has recently been caught up in serious legal troubles—was made “several offers” by the show to join the cast for their upcoming season. In fact, they were reportedly worth as much as $550,000.

Not bad, right?

But the egotistic actress insists that she’d “never consider” doing reality TV because she wants to “stick to films.”  It was a pretty bold move considering we don’t think she’s been approached by any producer or director in the past few months.

Oh well… She can’t say they didn’t try to help her.

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