LINDSAY LOHAN‘s judge, STEPHANIE SAUTNER,says she’s “glad to see” that the actress is “feeling better”—enough to attend her scheduled court appearance on Wednesday morning after giving an allegedly fake flu excuse.

lindsay lohan court january 30

You would be glad to know that Lindsay Lohan made it (and on time!) to her Wednesday court appointment in California after deciding to fly in to LAX at the last minute, as  did her new lawyer, Mark Heller (the replacement for her fired longtime attorney, Shawn Holley).

But that wasn’t the only surprise of the day.

Apparently, Judge Stephanie Sautner also couldn’t help herself from making a snarky remark that referred to the fact that the actress initial plan of skipping that pre-trial because she was “sick”… but evidently not too sick to go shopping in New York.

While Heller was talking, Sautner briefly addressed Lindsay and said:

“I’m glad to see you’re feeling better.”

The sleepy actress simply responded with a giggle and a “Thank You.”

Clearly, Sautner doesn’t let anything just slip by.


Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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