MARIAH CAREY has finally ended her “American Idol” feud with NICKI MINAJ by watching the latter’s sex tape, says Hollywood celebrity gossip.

Oh, we’re just as confused as you!

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Soon after admitting that her fellow judge Nicki Minaj made “American Idol” an “unsafe work environment”—especially because of the alleged death threats thrown her way soon after they erupted into a cuss-filled feud during the show’s first few auditions—Mariah Carey had to endure a press conference with the “Starships” singer herself and their male co-judges, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson, on Tuesday’s Television Critics Association tour in California.

Together, they all faced questions surrounding the show and were not able to dodge ones that were specifically aimed at the “feuding” judges.

It seemed that there was (real?) tension between them too, especially when they started talking about their highly-publicized spat.

Mariah first weighed in on the issue by saying:

“It was sort of a one-sided thing.”

Afterwards, Nicki snapped;

“No, it wasn’t.”

The divas reportedly exchanged looks and raised their eyebrows at each other, but Mariah kept the atmosphere light by joking:

“Well, at least we can agree on my shoes.”

When prodded about their fight, Mariah answered professionally by saying;

“This is a very passionate panel and there are a lot of strong personalities. Starting this process I thought there was the possibility that there was going to be a difference of opinion.”

She continued:

“The fighting is what it is. This is ‘American Idol.’ It’s bigger than all that. It’s bigger than some stupid, trumped up thing. It’s about the next big superstar that will come from this show.”

Nicki didn’t speak much, only opening her mouth to say:

“We are professionals. Haven’t you ever been in a fight with someone you work with?”

Finally, when asked about how they buried the hatchet to focus more on their actual jobs, Nicki answered:

“We watched my sex tape.”


Mariah then reportedly cringed, confirming that it was just a terrible joke, then responded:

“There it is. The whole thing is convoluted. It’s a distraction from the show and a distraction from the contestants. It’s unfair to them. It shouldn’t be about any of us, it should be about them. It’s not supposed to be about us, it’s about the contestants.”

The show’s only remaining original judge, Randy, agreed by saying:

“The judges don’t win. The contestants win.”

Do you think we’ll be seeing more trouble between these two divas or is it really (and finally) over?

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