Hollywood news regrets to inform you that OCTOMOM is back on welfare.

Whether you like it or not.

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Just five months after Octomom (real name: Nadya Suleman) took herself off welfare—thanks to her humongous talent fee from stripping and her self-pleasure porn video—she is back on living off your California tax dollars.

The reason?

Apparently, she would’ve been good for a few more weeks or months if she didn’t have to pay bills from her recent rehab stint for pill addiction.

TMZ got into details of her welfare benefits:

“We’re told the mother of 14 will be getting $1,800 a month for food, $1,000 for emergency cash, as well as Medi-Cal benefits to help with mental heath and dental issues.”

In her defense, sources tell the site that she only plans to use the free cash on pricey haircuts until she bounces back.

Let’s hope it’s not through nudity again.

Photo By PR Photos

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