RIHANNA flaunted her already-overexposed bod on seven different covers for the February-March issue of Complex magazine.

Of course she did.

rihanna complex magazine5

Rihanna, who proves practically every week that there can never be too many extremely racy and shameless half-naked photos of her online, once again showed off her sexy toned bod on seven different covers of Complex magazine’s upcoming issue.

Clearly, one wasn’t enough!

rihanna complex magazine7

In the accompanying cover interview, she admitted to loving herself and her body a tad bit too much.

She explained about her “selfies” shots on Instagram and Twitter:

“It’s narcissistic, but whatever — everyone does it. I’m capturing personality.”

The magazine dared to ask about the status of her questionable relationship with her beloved Chris Brown (doesn’t everyone?), to which the singer reused a deflective answer:

“It’s nobody’s business.”

But when asked about her new album “Unapologetic,” RiRi talked more and offered:

“When I was making this record I had no intention except the truth. So whatever is there is real. It’s raw. That’s why the album is called  ’Unapologetic.’”

We have to admit… she’s getting boring, even with all the sexy photos below:

Photos Via Complex

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