RYAN GOSLING could be a potential Backstreet Boy, at least according to one of its members, A. J. MCLEAN.

Can you imagine?

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In a recent interview with celebrity news about his new movie “Gangster Squad,” Ryan Gosling joked about reaching out to the recently-reunited Backstreet Boys, especially to A.J. McLean who was his neighbor during Ryan‘s pre-teen days on the ”Mickey Mouse Club.”

Apparently, when the handsome actor realized that he was terribly wrong about doubting the boy band’s success, he immediately thought of joining them but they ”we’re not returning [his] calls.”

So when the news reached McLean this week, the married boy bander was quick to tell reporters:

“I’m sorry I didn’t call [Ryan] back”

In his defense, he explained:

“First of all, dude, I don’t even have your number.”

For the record, A.J. also admitted that he thinks Ryan should be one of them, considering that “he can sing” and the obvious fact that he is a “handsome man.”

But then again, Ryan‘s been doing perfectly fine as a Hollywood heartthrob so we probably won’t be seeing him do cheesy synchronized dance moves with A.J. and the 4 other men.

Would you have wanted Ryan Gosling to become a Backstreet Boy?

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