SELENA GOMEZ, ASHLEY BENSON and VANESSA HUDGENS have gone bad in the sexy new trailer for their upcoming movie, “Spring Breakers.”

Let’s just say that their good girl days are far behind them…

spring breakers trailer1

Following their teaser clip, the “Spring Breakers” gang gives us more reasons to watch the R-rated movie where Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens shed their Disney image by wearing colorful, skimpy bikinis almost the entire time and engaging in steamy sex scenes.

The clip shows the sexy college gals who turn to burglary to pay for their alcohol-infused pool parties and run into a Kevin Federline-looking pimp criminal, played by James Franco.

Get ready for some wild partying, a lot of skin and (gasp!) lesbian action.


Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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