SOFIA VERGARA’s boob totally popped out during the NYE fight she got involved in earlier this week with her fiancé, NICK LOEB.

See for yourself:

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The actress, who is no stranger to embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions, accidentally flashed her famous boobs after her dress got pulled down (or ripped) as she was trying to break up a fight on New Year’s Eve.

As recently reported by celebrity news, Sofia and Nick got involved in a bar brawl while celebrating at the VIP section of Story, a new Miami hotspot. The scuffle started after Nick and some of the people seated at the table next to theirs got into a heated argument, and some pushing and shoving ensued.

It was around that time that Sofia stepped in, got pushed around, and accidentally gave everyone a peek at her goods.

Weirdly, the fight didn’t stop even after everyone saw her boob.

Photos By PR Photos / TMZ

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