In recent Hollywood news, ALEC BALDWIN admits he’s “very disappointed” that his ex “Orphans” co-star SHIA LABEOUF had leaked their private emails on after the latter quit their Broadway show on Tuesday.

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Alec Baldwin has finally reacted to Shia LaBeouf‘s intriguing revelation of what may have led to the cancellation of his Broadway debut in “Orphans” and to him being replaced by Ben Foster.

As you may remember, the former “Transformers” star posted screenshots of his emails with his co-workers (including Alec himself) on Twitter. While some were words of consolation from her director and co-stars, it also noted how the two famously hot-headed actors shared “creative differences,” were “incompatible” and how a certain “disagreeable situation” ultimately forced them apart.

To Alec, their publication was simply a breach of privacy.

He told the New York Times:

“[Regardless] of what people feel about the events that happened, you expect communications to be private, because everyone wants this process to be as collegial as possible. Everyone is very sad about what’s happened.”

On late Thursday, Baldwin also tweeted:

“People keep asking me to comment about our recent issues at @OrphansonBway. My comment is: We have Ben Foster.”

Hmm. Guilty much?

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