It just hit me today that we’ll be starting the year without our favorite scandalous show “Gossip Girl” to look forward to. It wasn’t sinking in before; now we’re totally freaked out. There’s no more GG! Hyperventilating a little here, but we can’t help it. Somehow we’ve been used to the shocking events in the lives of our favorite Upper East Siders that we sort of prepare ourselves at the start of every show, and you have to admit, more often than not, we still get astounded even if we were. Sometimes we even crave for their little drama in real life: the Blair-Serena squabbles, Dan’s loneliness, Chuck’s wealthy boy problems, or Nate’s love affairs. We’ve watched them grow into adults, scheming their way out of every trouble they managed to get themselves into. And in the end, just keeping the friendship and hope alive.

As a tribute to the infamous show, we’ve come up with a list of things we’ve learned from the Gossip Girl. Here you go, loves:

  1. Have cat-fights all you want, but BFFs are BFFs. Serena and Blair may be at each other’s throats from time to time, even using underhanded methods to outwit each other, but when difficult times roll in, they get over themselves and hug it out. After a round of Lady Godiva chocolates, or a massage, or some online gaming at FoxyBingo (where they get a chance to win the jackpot and real cash prizes so they can snag the new Steve Madden heels), all’s well on this side of New York City. See? Best Friends Forever is not an empty mantra.
  2. Let life surprise you, and take it in your stride. Remember when Georgina surprised Dan with a baby? Lonely Boy, after freaking out for maybe just a couple of minutes, took charge of the situation and owned it. And actually, he was a pretty good dad for a beginner.
  3. Have your own style, and never be ashamed of it. The Queen B’s headbands are her signature. The fashion website InStyle photographed the best of Blair’s collection for our viewing pleasure. Whether out shopping or attending a funeral, Blair’s headbands never fail to amaze us: get your personal “signature” to be identified with, Waldorf-style.
  4. Build your own “empire”. Not really a Bass hotel, but we have to admire Chuck for knowing what he wants and having the guts to get it. See every obstacle as minor setbacks, and never forget the bigger picture.
  5. Never give up on what you love. It may be writing (like Dan), or music (like Rufus), or fashion (like Jenny), or Chuck (like Blair), but whatever you feel passionate about, don’t give it up, ever. If you want it bad enough, the universe will conspire to give it to you.

There you are, darlings. Let’s take them to heart, and live through these lessons to keep the spirit of Gossip Girl alive. After all, in chorus please, we know we love her.

Photo Via The CW

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