In recent Hollywood news, it appears that AMANDA BYNES just called JAY-Z “ugly” on Twitter.

For real.

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As most of you know, the retired actress has been getting a lot of bad publicity these past few months thanks to her crazy driving mishaps and her very strange behavior.But instead of keeping her head down to avoid any more headlines, she invited even more attention to herself by calling Jay-Z—the most envied man in the world after Beyonce‘s amazing Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday—an “ugly” guy… and on Twitter, no less!

On February 6, Amanda tweeted a photo of Jay-Z and captioned it:

“Ugly face”

She has since deleted the tweet, but here’s a screenshot (c/o The Huffington Post):

Now that’s just mean.

On one hand, it may be possible that Amanda didn’t really tweet this herself (hence the deletion) and was actually hacked by a malicious Jay-Z hater, but it seems like a long shot.

What do you think?

Photos By PR Photos / Video Screen Grab

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