Star news tells us that CHRIS BROWN appreciates RIHANNA‘s unconditional support for him “to the fullest.”

As he should.

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It’s already pretty shocking to know that Rihanna and Chris Brown are officially back together but what was more shocking was that she accompanied him in court for his probation violation hearing earlier this week, even though the root of his being there is because he brutally assaulted her more than 3 years ago.

But know that the support that we saw from RiRi does not go unnoticed by the lucky ass rapper.

A source close to Brown told Hollywood Life about the why he needed all the support that he can get:

Chris was a wreck [at the hearing], man, Even though court was cool, he was a wreck. He tried to keep it together but…he just couldn’t, but he let that s**t go in private. He has to put on smile in public, but behind all the cameras and s**t, you know, he’s hurting.”

The insider continued:

Rihanna be there telling him to calm down, and…if it wasn’t for her, he would be going through it. She’s on his side when nobody else ain’t and I know [Chris] appreciates that to the fullest. Even yesterday, after stupid a** court, she hugged him and told him ‘Everything is going to be OK’, and then everybody that was there [left] and gave them their space.”

As far as the unnamed pal is concerned, there’s nothing wrong about what Rihanna is doing.

“She’s cool for all she doing for [Chris] and like I said, he appreciates all of it.”

After leaving the court, RiRi also tweeted:

“@TheGodLight: When it seems like the world is against you, remember that God is behind your every positive loving thought. #nevaforget.”

Do you think it’s okay for Rihanna to support her violent ex boyfriend?

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