Entertainment news has learned that ELLEN DEGENERES made out with a man… for her wife PORTIA DE ROSSI‘s birthday.


ellen degeneres portia de rossi birthday

During the latest episode of her talk show, Ellen honored her gay wife Portia De Rossi‘s 40th birthday—last week—by creating a hilarious and heart-warming skit that recounted the important milestones in Portia‘s life until they got married.

With the help of wigs and layered costumes, the comedic host turned into Portia De Rossi the Australian model, actress and bride.

And who played “Ellen,” you ask? It was none other than Sean Hayes, who later got so into character that he ended up making his wedding kiss with “Portia” a make-out session!

Fortunately, the real Portia (who was in the audience) didn’t get upset about Ellen kissing someone else and was in fact brought to tears after the tribute.



Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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