According to the latest entertainment news, JUSTIN BIEBER passionately kissed a mannequin head during an appearance on “Late Night with JIMMY FALLON” on Tuesday night… and it made his female Beliebers go crazy!

justin bieber on jimmy fallon

Justin Bieber may not be cheating on his rumored on-again girlfriend Selena Gomez with another woman, but he definitely kissed—an inanimate—one on television!

We’re serious.

You see, it happened when the raspy-voiced pop star returned to Jimmy Fallon‘s talk show on Tuesday. Apparently, he got a little distracted while playing with the host in a highly-competitive game of “3-Point Shootout,” which required the player to shoot random objects—including a mannequin head—into the hoop.

Well, we’ve always known that he was into brunettes.

He also talks about his new stoner rapper friends, Lil Twist and Lil Za, getting pulled over by cops a lot and his new acoustic “Believe” album.

Watch his entire interview below (but the kiss is at the 10:53 mark!):

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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