According to the latest Hollywood news, JUSTIN BIEBER‘s white Ferrari got pulled over again… and just like before, he also wasn’t the one driving it.

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Justin Bieber‘s white Ferrari is starting to make news as much as its owner is for his alleged recreational drug use.

After the car hit headlines at the start of the year for being one dead paparazzo’s last photo ever taken—at the same time it was pulled over when the pop star’s influential stoner palLil Twist, was ticketed for speeding—it was once again approached by cops on Saturday while being driven by another one of Bieber‘s new friends, Lil Za.

TMZ reports:

“According to an eye witness, the car pulled up to a Chipotle around noon in downtown Los Angeles when Za dropped off a female passenger and then took off. The witness says he saw the car make a u-turn … and moments later, cops pulled the car over. “

The site continues:

“The witness says Za was given a ticket and, after about 20 minutes, sent on his way.”

It’s not the first time that Za and the car was pulled over. Just last Friday morning, Za was also cited for driving Bieber‘s Ferrari without a license, which he evidently wasn’t happy about.

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Maybe this will finally stop Justin from loaning his car to irresponsible driver friends?

Photos By PR Photos / TMZ

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