Hollywood celebrity gossip has it that KATY PERRY “doesn’t approve” of her pal RIHANNA dating CHRIS BROWN.

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A few people in Rihanna and Chris Brown‘s life, like Oprah and her dad, may find it “really okay” for her to reunite with her violent ex-boyfriend, but one person in Rihanna‘s (besides her overprotective mentor, Jay-Z) just isn’t thrilled about ither singer friend, Katy Perry.

According to sources, the bubblegum pop star has steered clear of the couple at the Grammys, where they cuddled up to each other in front of everyone. And that’s not the only time that she’s avoided them.

An insider told Us Weekly:

“They aren’t tight anymore because Katy doesn’t approve of Rihanna dating Chris Brown.”

How sad. What’s even sadder is that Rihanna probably couldn’t care less because she has Chris back.

Do you think these two will ever patch things up?

Photos By PR Photos / Chris Brown’s Instagram

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