Entertainment news reports that KATY PERRY, JENNIFER LOPEZ, KELLY ROWLAND and other celebrities actually “passed” the strict Grammy Awards dress code (which required its “talents” to cover up) with their very revealing outfits.

Apparently, the dress code allowed these in…

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As you may remember, CBS urged celebrities to keep their asses and breasts “adequately covered” with conservative-ish ensembles at last Sunday’s 55th Annual Academy Awards.

Meaning, no “exposing bare fleshy” or “under curves,” at the very least.

But tell us, does Katy Perry‘s cleavage-baring skintight dress live up to those standards?

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How about Alicia Keys‘ sexy midriff and V-neck dress from Azzedine Alaia (who else)?

AES 0897421

Plus, there’s Jennifer Lopez‘s frock with a closed chest but with too much leg display. Do you think it was conservative enough?

AES 0898681

There were many more, but Kelly Rowland, had one of the most rique (if not the most) dresses on the red carpet that night, allegedly breaking two rules—namely the no “under curves” and no boob exposure.

Was it acceptable for public viewing?

AES 089678

On some level, maybe not. But, according to CBS, they were all approved before they even made it on TV.

They told TMZ:

“All wardrobe selections passed our standards, if only barely.”

Perhaps they thought the outfits simply played along the boundaries of racy and sexy, but they were miles better than butt cracks and thongs.

That or they’d rather give them free passes than not have them there at all!

Which do you think it was?

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