Star news has just learned¬†OCTOMOM called the police this weekend to report that one of her kids had gone missing… when he actually wasn’t.

Well, it is hard to keep track of 14 children.

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It seems like the world crashed on Octomom (real name: Nadya Suleman) late this week when she couldn’t find one of her many, many kids after most of them had gone back to their home in California from their luxurious private school.

Apparently, she started “panicking” so much that she called 911 after calling the school about her missing 7-year-old son.

TMZ reports:

Octo was convinced her child was NOT dropped off by the school bus at the usual time … and freaked out in a desperate effort to locate her boy.”

The problem was, the bus driver claims he “personally witnessed” the mom of 14 greet the missing boy as soon as he arrived home.

The site continues:

“School officials contacted police because they were concerned about the situation. Cops responded to the home … but by the time they arrived, Octo‘s nanny had already discovered the boy sleeping in his room where he usually takes naps after school.”

Octo later told cops that she doesn’t remember greeting him at the bus and was convinced that someone else probably brought him home.

It’s the second time that she called cops about one of her kids going missing–she did the same thing in 2008 when one of her boys was with his grandma.

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