Hollywood celebrity gossip has just learned that ZAYN MALIK is planning on quitting One Direction… for good.


The world’s favorite British boyband may soon be down to four members, as recent reports reveal that one of the boys, 20-year-old Zayn Malik, is thinking of walking away from the group.

But don’t fret, 1D fans. It’s highly unlikely for Zayn to quit the band at this time, because if he does leave, they’re all going to lose out on some major dough, as they recently signed a three-year contract with their Sony record label, which contains a clause that says if any one of them quits during the duration of the three-year contract, they’re all screwed.

A source tells The Sun:

“It’s a really clever contract that the boys have signed up to. It means they have a real incentive to tough it out and stick together… The formal length is for 36 months and an album a year — but the clever part is they get the big pay day after the three years.”

The insider adds:

“If one of them walks away before then, then all five miss out on the money… They don’t miss out on a few quid either, we are talking millions… They all get on really well [financially], but it would be the kind of deal that would see them through the worst aggro possible.”

So please, Zayn… don’t go off in another direction.

Photo Via Zayn Malik’s Twitter

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