As always, the Vanity Fair Oscar Party Photo Booth provides us with some of the wackiest (and most adorable) celebrity photos ever.


We don’t know how this set compares to last year’s Vanity Fair Oscar Party Photo Booth, but we’re pretty sure this year’s album will not disappoint… especially since it has “Sexiest Man AliveChanning Tatum (and his wife Jenna Dewan) in it!



And speaking of gorgeous couples… check out Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom:


Meanwhile, model Irina Shayk shows off major cleavage and the sexiest “duck face” pout we’ve ever seen…


And the funniest (and most disgusting) photo award definitely goes to the one with Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, André Balazs, Dave Grohl, and Jordyn Blum.


Oh, and we’ve got Anne Hathaway, too… and her ever-present Oscar award, of course.


Check out the rest of the pics:

Photos Via Vanity Fair

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