Star news has learned that AMANDA BYNES is sharing more pics of her double cheek piercings on Twitter.

She sure is proud of them…

amanda bynes twitter

After ruining her good girl reputation with numerous hit-and-run charges and moving out of her New York apartment, Amanda Bynes went into hiding and then resurfaced this month… with a completely new look.

Whether or not the surprise makeover was for the better is still under deliberation¬†especially since it includes piercings on the retired multi-millionaire’s cheeks, which she proudly showed off on her Twitter account (again) this week.

amanda bynes twitter 2

It looks like it’s not gonna be the last of them, too.

Bynes wrote last week:

“Please don’t take paparazzi pictures of me I like taking my own!”

She added:

“Only read my twitter for photos of me!”

Are you looking forward to seeing more of this new version of Amanda?

Photos Via Amanda Bynes‘s Twitter

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