AMANDA BYNES tweeted that she wants DRAKE to “murder” her lady parts, according to the latest Hollywood gossip.


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If you would check out Amanda Bynes‘s Twitter feed, you’d notice three things—she disses artists, she loves taking pictures of herself (probably to show off her new drastic makeover and her cheek piercings)… and she has a penchant for Drake.

In addition to calling the rapper a “hot fellow,” the retired multi-millionaire has repeatedly tweeted and uploaded photos of him, which included a face swap where “he’s the woman.”

But on Friday morning, her obsession got WAY out of hand.

Believe it or not, she tweeted this sexually explicit message:

“I want @drake to murder my vagina.”


Not only that, she also followed it up with:

“Twerking out.”

Drake seems to be on a Twitter hiatus since Monday, so we’ve yet to see if he’ll actually respond to this kind of attention.

Meanwhile, what can you say about Amanda Bynes‘s raunchy tweets?

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